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Shot blasting is the Professionals' preferred solution:
  • To clean and prepare surfaces before applying a coating / paint / resin / tiles
  • To remove old coatings, rubbers on airports, grease, dirt, laitance, mill scale and other contaminants.
  • To remove marking on roads, highways, runways, industrial floors…
  • To regenerate grip and improve safety on roads

Blastrac closed circuit machines throw the abrasive media by centrifugal force; the media is then recycled within the machine, whereas dust and contaminants are removed by an air wash separator and directed to an independent dust collector.
This makes the process almost dust free in operation, for a better comfort of the operator and passers-by (no need to isolate the working area or stop the traffic). Since the media is recycled, the consumption is minimized.

BLASTRAC offers you a large selection of closed circuit shot blasting machines, ranging from handheld model 1-5HH to the big 2-45D in either remotely controlled version or truck-mounted, plus 11 intermediate models, to cover all applications on any job site :

Our target: offering you the most adapted equipment for your specific need / jobsite / application, with output from 10 m˛ to 3.600 m˛ on concrete.
All our shot blasters are dust free, if connected to their respective dust collector.